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Capreol landmark comes down

The CN building’s administration offices in Capreol has come down.

This week witnessed the demolition of another structure in downtown Capreol. It has fallen victim to neglect! The administration offices of the CN Building on Front St. (that was built in 1961) is now a part of town history.

For 10 years this section of the once flourishing CN office complex that had housed over 200 employees was left neglected to the elements that eventually led to the destruction of the building. No, I do not mean the wreaking ball, but rather mold and water damage are the culprits, caused by the roof that leaked.

Let’s be honest, as sad as this may be to many of the lifelong CN employees and towns people, this is CN’s property to do with what they see fit. If it is beyond repair and a tax burden then, perhaps from a corporate stand point the demolition was a responsible choice. However! The bigger picture is that Capreol is facing a growing loss of business. Several years ago the Riviera fell to the wrecking ball, and it was not until last year that the site of the old Capreol Hotel saw improvement.

What’s next? The derelict Cheers and So-ave’s buildings? Other vacant lots? The saddest commentary of this loss is that I witnessed a young gentleman walking down Young St. with a red brick in hand. This will be his memory of the building, but as time passes how many of our younger residents will even vaguely remember these once proud structures?
Reprinted with permission from The Capreol Press

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