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Northern boy

Heather Campbell November 1, 2010 Arts No Comments on Northern boy

Sudbury often watches its youth venture out into the world with many finding their way back to their hometown. David Joseph Anselmo is one of those wandering youth who ventured across the ocean to find his passion and returned home to share what he learned. He’s a man who doesn’t settle and takes hold of opportunities that present on his doorstep.

Born in Sudbury in 1979, Anselmo studied psychology and law at Laurentian University where he stumbled into acting.

“I did a play at Thorneloe and got a lot of positive feedback. At first I was curious about acting and always wanted to try,” admits Anselmo about his first dip into the acting waters.
That first dip led him away from a career in law to a degree in acting and a successful film career in South Korea.

While visiting a friend in South Korea, he joined a small amateur English theatre group. This led to meeting a producer who recruited him to a Korean TV show featuring a foreigner.

“Within six months the show blew up from one million viewers to 50 million, it was just the right time and right place,” explains Anselmo.

He went on to act in several film roles including the highest grossing Korean film of all time, The Host.

He has returned to Canada from South Korea and has started his own film company called Hideaway Pictures. Hideaway Pictures is launching with a film he wrote titled Northern Boys.

“Northern Boys is a loosely based bio-epic about my experience growing up in Sudbury,” says Anselmo. “It’s a story about friendship.”

It focuses on the friendship of four young boys set in Sudbury during the time of a major strike in the 1970s.

To garner support for the project that is scheduled to shoot in the Sudbury area in the spring of 2010, he organized a gala fundraising in September at Science North.

Anselmo is again attracting those magical opportunities.

“I always loved film growing up,” says Anselmo. Today, with his successful acting career to support him, he now wants to contribute as a filmmaker.

“This day and age filmmakers are the philosophers of life, that’s how I feel I can contribute,” says Anselmo.

For his first film project he followed the advice, “write about what you know.”

Not only has he written about growing up in Sudbury he is producing and filming right here.

“Why not create a film industry here?” says Anselmo.  “Shed light on our community and the unique and interesting stories we have.”

Anselmo says he believes Northern Ontario has a vast array of unique stories that have not been heard or seen. He wants to take those stories, and those images, out to the world.

This article appears in the Winter 2009 edition of Sudbury Living

Update Jan. 20, 2010

Hideway Pictures announces the formation of its film consulting and service department, which offers complete production services for filming in Northern Ontario.  Its mandate is the creation of a sustainable film industry for the north.

Services include: regional location scouting; logistical support (craft services, transportation, security, accommodations); negotiation of permits with local authorities; script and budget review geared to the demands of shooting and producing in Northern Ontario; hiring local production personnel; local crew assembly and local casting. The company also provides consulting services to identify and facilitate regional financing opportunities and all tax credit incentives found in Northern Ontario.

Hideway Pictures is a privately owned, Ontario based corporation founded in November 2008. Its principal purpose of business is the creation and development of Theatrical Motion Pictures, Television Shows, Documentaries and other media based projects in Northern Ontario. A key component of this business is establishing a permanent film industry in the north.
For more information email Hideway at [email protected]

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