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Sudbury Living wins business award

Sudbury Living Magazine June 1, 2010 Upfront No Comments on Sudbury Living wins business award

SUDBURY, Ontario: The Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce presented a Bell Business Award of Excellence to Laurentian Media Magazine Group and Sudbury Living May 11. The award was in the new venture category.

Sudbury Living Magazine was launched by Laurentian Media Magazine Group, a division of Laurentian Media (established 1973) in September 2007. Principal officers are president Michael Atkins, vice-president Abbas Homayed and general manager Patricia Mills.

Sudbury Living is published four times a year. In addition, there are two special editions, Sudbury Living Weddings (January) and Sudbury Living for Students (September.)

The magazine is delivered free to homes with high incomes and spending habits. In addition, it has a growing subscription base in Greater Sudbury and is popular with many former Sudburians who subscribe to keep in touch with the city. The magazine is also available at selected newsstands and often sells out. The magazine has an estimated readership in excess of 100,000 (The Print Measurement Bureau estimates average readers per Canadian  magazine is approximately 4.9.)

The magazine’s mission statement is: Sudbury Living is for people who enjoy the finer things in life. It combines smart, lively service journalism with personality profiles and interesting stories that define Sudburians and their lifestyles. It is about people and the things they enjoy doing with coverage of home decor, health and wellness, fashion,¬† food, recreational activities, and arts and culture.

Sudbury Living’s staff and freelance writers and photographers provide readers with well written articles, excellent photography and appealing design. The magazine provides a venue for businesses in the city to reach their targeted market.

In addition to being a “good read,” the magazine is an excellent promotional tool for the City of Greater Sudbury. The magazine has been used by several of the city’s major employers in their human resources recruitment packages.

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