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When I need a laugh

Vicki Gilhula February 2, 2010 Vicki Gilhula No Comments on When I need a laugh

I found this funny post on a blog/website called Welcome to My Midlife Crisis. This was posted in December 2007:

“The 2007 award for “Unecessary and Distracting Use Of Detail” has been won by a writer on staff of a little northern newspaper based out of Sudbury, Ontario ,Canada called The Northern Life. The story was written for the holidays and is titled “A Merry Little Christmas”, and was written by Vicki Gilhula. It unfortunately was published, and I, unfortunately read the first paragraph, which was more then I needed to read before deciding that this particular story absolutely HAD to win this particular award…Here’s why, in only eight words….”Mathew watched his Mother make CAMPBELL”S TOMATO SOUP”….(caps mine)…Branding in the form of a short story now? Did Campbell’s pay her for that? Wouldn’t they have chosen a more prestigious publication if that were the case? The detail does nothing to move the story forward! What was the point? Did the author feel the menton of the brand would help her story? Does she have relatives who work for that particular company?”

Hey I like Campbell’s tomato soup…like Heinz ketchup , there is no substitute. And no I didn’t get paid for endorsements. The boy I modelled Mathew on used Campbell’s soup.

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